What Would Mickey Mouse Twitter?

Picture_9 There’s a new meme in town and it’s hysterical.  It started with Kevin Dugan’s What Would Jesus Twitter that I shared with you yesterday.  Since then, people have added Sherlock Holmes, Abe Lincoln, and Lee Hopkins.

And it’s just begun.  So here’s my addition to the game.

What would Mickey Twitter?

10.  I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I think Walt’s a little obsessed with me.

9.    Sometimes, Minnie’s voice just grates on my nerves.

8.    @Mighty Mouse – so you really think I could learn how to fly?

7.    Driving Donald to his anger management class.

6.    Thank God Lily talked Walt out of naming me Mortimer.  Can you imagine the crap I would have taken?

5.    My fantasy? Sneaking into Small World and smashing those freakin’ singing bobbleheads.

4.    L: The happiest place on earth

3.    Just once I’d like to be seen as a “bad boy.”

2.    @Cinderella – how you doin’?

1.    If one more snot nosed little kid bangs his head into my crotch…

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but come on…join in the fun!

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