What Would Mickey Mouse Twitter?

Picture_9 There’s a new meme in town and it’s hysterical.  It started with Kevin Dugan’s What Would Jesus Twitter that I shared with you yesterday.  Since then, people have added Sherlock Holmes, Abe Lincoln, and Lee Hopkins.

And it’s just begun.  So here’s my addition to the game.

What would Mickey Twitter?

10.  I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I think Walt’s a little obsessed with me.

9.    Sometimes, Minnie’s voice just grates on my nerves.

8.    @Mighty Mouse – so you really think I could learn how to fly?

7.    Driving Donald to his anger management class.

6.    Thank God Lily talked Walt out of naming me Mortimer.  Can you imagine the crap I would have taken?

5.    My fantasy? Sneaking into Small World and smashing those freakin’ singing bobbleheads.

4.    L: The happiest place on earth

3.    Just once I’d like to be seen as a “bad boy.”

2.    @Cinderella – how you doin’?

1.    If one more snot nosed little kid bangs his head into my crotch…

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but come on…join in the fun!

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11 comments on “What Would Mickey Mouse Twitter?

  1. Steve Harper says:

    This is fricken hillarious!

    Thanks for getting my Sunday off with a smile.

    Ripple On My Friend!!!


  2. Jeremy says:

    Hilarious! You will be seeing this on my blog soon. (Of course with trackback and credit)

  3. Scott Monty says:

    Hey Drew,
    Nice job! Thanks for continuing the meme. Here’s hoping your faithful following will do their own too.

  4. Good one, Drew. Thanks for continuing the Twitterme!

    Back in my college radio days, I used to do a mean Mickey Mouse imitation. Actually, it was a horrific imitation, but I did it anyways.

    Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  5. Steve –

    Always glad to return the chuckle that you so often toss my way!


  6. Jeremy,

    It’s not too late to jump on board. This is one of the funnier memes I’ve seen of late.

    The What would Jesus Twitter had me laughing out loud!


  7. Scott,

    This meme seems to have slowed down to a quick crawl. I wonder if memes that require thinking beyond a personal revelation or story just doesn’t get enough juice to keep rolling?

    Too bad because this was one of my all time favorites.


  8. Bryan,

    Pretty soon…I will have the tool to let you share that imitation with the entire blog audience. Hope you’ll come back and “perform.”


  9. faiz says:

    There are no comments

  10. Tim,

    Love it! I have to say, this was one of my all-time favorite memes. Maybe we can revitalize it somehow!


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