What’s memorable about you? (part one)

String If you had a client/customer who took their business to a competitor for a year or two and then decided to come back…how would they complete this sentence… 

"Do you guys still….."

What do you do for/with your clients that is so memorable that even 2 years later, they’d hope it was still part of your company’s culture?

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5 comments on “What’s memorable about you? (part one)

  1. First off, how about a name being memorable? Miracle – there’s one!

    What people seem to remember me for is the care and attention they get from me. I work with all my clients as though I’m their business partner. So I take a vested interest in their success. And it shows by how much time coaching, planning and educating I do.

  2. Dawud,

    Without a doubt your name helps. Have you ever used it as part of your brand. Not sure how…but an interesting idea.

    I think we all believe/say we go above and beyond for our clients. I wonder if they see it. Or if it becomes part of what is expected?


  3. Brett,

    Another way to think of it is if a client said…what is working with Brett/Brett’s company like — how would your clients respond?

    What stories would they tell?


  4. Funny you should ask. I’m in the middle of ‘unbranding’ myself as Healthy WebDesign and launching myself as Dawud Miracle…

    And a great point you make about client’s expectations. I know clients of mine who have worked with other web developers see it. But I don’t know if everyone does. Perhaps as short questionnaire after I finish with a client would help. Also, I’ve thought about having a former client do some audio interviews with my clients when we’re done. I figure that way I may get more of the straight scoop.

  5. Dawud,

    Great ideas. There is nothing more compelling that hearing a truth directly from a customer’s mouth.

    And surveying your own customers, if nothing else, clearly communicates that you value their opinion and are ready to listen.

    I look forward to seeing your re-branding take shape.


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