Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks…

Badcheck …but don’t ignore me.

This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes we make.  We ignore our clients.  Or at least they think we’re ignoring them.  We don’t return e-mails or phone calls promptly.  We miss a deadline.  We misspell their name.  You’re laughing but you know it happens every day.  And you know you’ve done it once or twice.

They want to be important to us.  Really, if they’re being honest — they want to be our only client.

Your goal — create the illusion that they’re your only client.  Or the only one that matters.

Do you think you do that well?   What’s your best "make them feel important" technique.  (And yes, it has to be genuine, not sleazy sales guy stuff.)

Flickr photo courtesy of aliceswnderland

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