5 ways to come up with new content

I’ve been writing a weekly marketing column since 1999 and today, as you know, I try to add new content to this blog every day.

One of the questions I often get asked is "how do you think of stuff to write about?"  Followed up with the inevitable "Aren’t you worried you’re going to run dry?"

Picture_3 It seems that Mohit Singhania (a fifth year student at IIT Bombay)  from Best-Blog-Basket has been wondering the same thing.  He’s started the "Be Original" project, asking writers, bloggers and other creators where they get their ideas.

I offer these ideas not just to you bloggers, but anyone who creates content.  Does your company have a web site?  Do you send out sales letters?  A company newsletter?  Hopefully this will trigger some ideas for you too.

Here’s my contribution:

The questions my clients ask:
  Clients will often call me after reading something I’ve written and say "was that about me?"  Usually, it’s not.  It’s a compilation of conversations over time.  But every once in awhile…

What I read:  Books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes.  If it has words, I like to read it.  And with each sentence, new ideas bubble up.

My interactions: Because I write about marketing and everything is marketing…I am surrounded by fodder.  Whether it is a trip to the ER or Disney World, there’s great material just waiting for me.

My own worries/concerns/wonderings:  Sometimes I think pretty good.  Sometimes it’s even worthy of sharing.

The analogies we use with clients: Some of my favorite posts were borne from stories/analogies that we use to help clients understand a marketing or branding concept.

Of course, that’s just scratching the surface.  The reality is — if you set your mind to watching for things that make you go "hmmm," you will find them everywhere!

If you’d like to read more about Mohit and his project, you can see the full details here.  Rather than tag specific people – I am going to invite all of you to participate.  If you do, remember to link back to Mohit so he can track everyone’s answers.

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