Blog roll exploded!


There are changes afoot at Drew’s Marketing Minute…so be on the ready. The first change is already in place. 

The longer I’m writing and reading blogs, the more incredible content I discover. My blog roll kept scrolling further and further down the page.  At the rate I was going, my page was going to scroll down 5 feet before you got to the end of the list.

So, the blog roll is going to be moving to its own page.  Enjoy the expanded list. And now that I have a whole page — watch out!  More great blogs are on the way!

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6 comments on “Blog roll exploded!

  1. Drew:

    This is a great list, thank you for pointing us to it. I’ll visit as soon as I have my page for The Age of Conversation finished.

  2. Connie Reece says:

    Drew, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve been thinking about moving mine to a separate page as well — there are just so many good blogs I keep discovering.

  3. Hey Drew. Like the new look. Thanks for including me on your blogroll. I’ve been thinking about something similar.

  4. Valeria,

    There are hours and hours of good reading on the blogroll. That’s both the beauty and the pain of the blogosphere.

    We are blessed with an abundance of remarkable thinkers. Guess there are worse problems than that!


  5. Connie,

    Glad to showcase your smarts and great storytelling. Like you, I was just running out of room. Thanks to my blog coach, Mike Sansone, within a day — it was up and functional!


  6. Dawud,

    Happy to include you!


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