Does my facelift make me look younger?

Boy Eight months ago next week, I launched this blog.  I didn’t really have any sense of what I would or wouldn’t want in terms of widgets, tools, archives, categories etc.  So as the months have gone on…we’ve just sort of tacked on this or that.

A few weeks ago we decided enough was enough…and have completely re-designed the blog with the user interface always front and center.

  • We went down to two columns, so the content is easier to access
    We shifted to a category drop box so we didn’t tie up so much real estate but the readers could still find everything they need AND see how many posts are in each category
    We greatly expanded the blogroll so my readers could even find more smart writing
  • We’ve fixed the column widths so you can re-size your browser without the text getting all funky (a technical design term that David Armano taught me!)
  • We’ve also jazzed up the banner be more consistent with other materials so our blog readers who come over from the e-newsletter etc. feel right at home

I’m hoping these changes make the blog even easier to access, more fun to read and will lure you back time and time again.

We’ve still got a couple surprises and tweaks coming up…but for the most part, this is it.  I’d love your feedback.  But be gentle.  After all, I am a delicate flower.

As with all things on my blog — my continued gratitude and appreciation to Mike Sansone.  He is all things blog for me.

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