How to use informal surveys to generate some buzz

Qmark People are very curious about each other. Which is why the media loves surveys.

Surveys needn’t be massive, scientifically rigorous affairs to generate buzz for you. There is definitely a proper time and place for quality market research. But, in this case, I’m talking about just polling your customers with an interesting question that does not have an obvious answer so you can create some buzz.

Wonder how you could adapt it to your profession?  Let’s try a couple.

Photographer:   "If you could take only one of your photos with you before evacuating your home, which one would you choose?"

Restaurant owner:   "Do you count calories when you go out to eat?"

Computer consultant: “Do you ever talk to your computers (cursing and coaxing included!)

If nothing else, it’s great for newsletter filler, blog post, bag stuffer or a bill insert, etc.  It will spark a conversation with your customers and who knows, you might even uncover an idea for a new offering!

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