I dare you not to love this

Picture_4 Picture this.  You dial your mobile phone.  You speak for half a minute.  Those sentences get e-mailed to your e-mail address. 

Or your client. Or your employee.   Or an intact team.  Or your spouse. 

It’s like instant dictation.  But not only does it get typed, it gets delivered. 

Brilliant.  I predict Jott.com is going to be the breakout of 2007.  Here’s how I’m going to use it:

  • Dictate notes from meetings and send them to myself for a record.  Jott it.
  • I’m pulling out of a client’s parking lot and send a note to our Project Manager about opening a new job.  Jott him.
  • Forget milk?  Never again.  Jott me.
  • Have a breakthrough idea while waiting to board a plane — jott my entire staff before I forget said idea.  Jott the team.
  • Want to remind my daughter to do XYZ but she’s  going to get home before I do. Jott her.
  • See someone across the way at Panera and want to remember to call them in a week or so. Jott me.
  • Have forgotten to grab a book from the office 3 times. Jott me.
  • All the stuff that I try to write down before I forget it. Jott me.  Jott me. Jott me.

Ah yes…and on every e-mail there’s a link so I (or whoever gets jotted) can listen to the audio file.

You can’t tell me this wouldn’t be helpful to you too. Come on, admit it. You’re going to Jott.

I will give the geniuses at Jott the last word.


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