Is branding only an external activity?


The answer is no. 

In fact…as a business owner or leader, you should be branding your organization to your employees every day.  There is no audience more important to your brand’s success.

But all too often, its internal communication budgets that get cut. Or leadership consistently says one thing and then does another — losing credibility and trust.

If you want to learn how to lead an employee-centric company, you only need to go to one blog to learn the ropes.  Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand focuses on how to inspire your employees to help you deliver the brand promise to your clients.  Her posts on leadership, retaining employees and her podcast series are packed with gems you can put to immediate use.

Last week, I had the incredible good fortune to speak to Anna on the phone.  We talked about how the relationship between the employer and the employee is experiencing a power shift, just like the one we’re seeing between customers and companies.  We also talked about recruiting, generational differences and a whole lot more.

Anna captured our conversation and I’m very proud to be the voice of Show #73 of the Engaging Brand podcast series — Secrets of a Great Employer.

Go over and take a listen.  And while you are there — bask in the smarts of Anna Farmery.

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