Marketing Tips from a Marketing Agency: Celebrate your work as fine art

It would only stand to reason that a marketing & branding agency would be pretty good at branding and marketing itself.

So I thought it might be fun to explore some branding & marketing concepts using our own agency, McLellan Marketing Group, as the guinea pig.

Celebrate your work as fine art

It’s easy to take the work we do for granted.  A successful campaign.  No biggie.  We do it every day.  A delighted client.  Great but no time to slow down to celebrate — we’ve got work to do.  Lands End calls and asks if they can use on of our logos in the catalog because they like it so much. A quick "wow, that’s cool" and its back to the next project.

2007a03a26art2 We take it for granted because we do it every day.  But our work is the magic of what we do.  It’s what creates the oohs and ahhhs.  It’s one of the reasons prospects are drawn to us. And we should celebrate that.

What’s in your lobby?  A Grant Wood painting?  An abstract sculpture? What do you have laying around for your clients and vendors to look at while they wait?  Could you make those opportunities for a subtle sales message?

2007a03a26art1 At MMG, you’ll find our walls covered with art.  Our art.  Our clients’ art.  We celebrate our work, our clients’ faith in us and our creativity. (the photography doesn’t do it justice)  A side benefit of our work hanging around the office is that clients,  guests and vendors ask questions.  Which lets us tell the story of the project — challenges, ideas, execution and results.  It’s a beautiful thing.

No matter what you do — there are elements of your work that are fascinating to other people.  You probably don’t notice it anymore because you take it for granted.

When was the last time your client asked you to tell them about one of your successes?  What could you do to inspire that sort of opportunity?

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