Milestones and Kidney Stones

Submitted by Mike Sansone

Getwell Guest posting here is becoming a theme
Primarily because of commenting milestones
Today I take a shot at writing a post
Not in celebration, but due to kidney stones.

Just talked to Drew, he’s doing okay
His stay in the hospital I hope soon passes
(And that’s not the only thing)
He asked if I would converse with the masses.

If your email doesn’t get answered right away,
or you’re missing Drew’s wit on Twitter
I’m sure he’ll be back real soon,
For the Top Dog is a real go-getter.

I’m sure you stand with me thinking of Drew
So leave a comment or email him a shout
Get well, my friend – we love you!
Until then, rest easy and… ‘bunny out’

P.S. It seems I do this once a year. Should I start marketing this service?

Photo at Flickr by Kitten

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10 comments on “Milestones and Kidney Stones

  1. I hear they can break up the stone with soundwaves.
    Hope it wasn’t painful

  2. David Armano says:

    Oh man, I had no idea.

    Feel better Drew! Hope it’s not too painful. Get well soon.

  3. Janet Green says:

    Hey Drew, hope you are feeling better real soon. Take care – Janet

  4. Becky McCray says:

    All my best, Drew! Get well soon.

  5. Take care, buddy. I’m thinkin’ about you.

  6. David Reich says:

    Feel better Drew. We’ll keep the conversation going.

  7. Mark True says:

    Hope you get up and at it again, soon, Drew. Been there; done that. Not fun…but it’s a quick heal!


  8. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and a special thanks to Mike for stepping in and keeping everyone informed.

    Hopefully they will pass quickly and without fanfare.


  9. Jane says:

    We’ll miss you–hope you are back on your feet with flying “fingers” soonest.

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