The Age of Conversation: 100+ authors!

Ageconv Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gavin and I are so excited — The Age of Conversation is going to be an amazing book.  We exceeded our goal of 100 authors (in less than a week!) and the topics they are writing about is going to blow you away.

We’ll be posting a complete list of authors in a few days (it’s going to take me that long to catalog them all!) and we thank each person for stepping up and offering their thinking/writing to this very cool project.

Again, thank you for helping us make this crazy idea a reality!  And for making the world a little nicer for kids across the globe.  Here’s what Variety is up to in Gavin’s neck of the woods.

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4 comments on “The Age of Conversation: 100+ authors!

  1. Pretty impressive, Drew, to have gotten over 100 authors in less than a week. I’m thrilled to be part of the project.

  2. Carolyn,

    I know…we’re thrilled. And we have lots of excellent writers and thinkers like you on the list.

    So not just quantity but also quality!


  3. Janet Green says:

    Drew, congrats, can’t wait to see it completed! I’m pleased to support Variety Club, too – my dad has been the official (unofficial?) event photographer for Variety Club of Iowa for many years, and the organization is pretty special to our family because of his involvement. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful! ~ Janet

  4. Janet,

    I’m pretty excited to see it finished as well. The topics people are choosing are fascinating.

    Variety does amazing work throughout the world. In Iowa alone, as you probably know — they grant around $3 million dollars to provide direct services to children.

    It will be good to help them help the world’s children.


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