Do you inspire joy?

Dance We spent the weekend in New York City.  While we were there, we saw the new play, Curtains.  It’s a whodunit musical and well worth the ticket price.  The performances, singing, dancing and choreography were really something to behold.

As I stood watching people spill out of the theatre, a young girl about five years old literally came dancing up the aisle.  Her face was one of pure joy.  At that moment, she *was* on that stage, dancing to the roaring crowd.  You could see it all in her eyes.

My first thought was, "I wish the cast could see her.  They’d be reminded why they chose this profession.  Because they inspire joy."

My second thought was for you.  (And me.)  Do we inspire joy in our work?  Does our product or service make our customers want to dance?

It’s really easy to dismiss that question with a "We don’t sing or dance, we build websites.  Or we sell checking accounts …or we  insure their families."  But that’s a cop-out.

Every one of us has the capacity to create a joyful experience.  Haven’t you ever hung up the phone with a big smile on your face because someone exceeded your expectations?  Haven’t you ever finished a meeting with a business partner and felt so good about the work you’re doing together that you wanted to do a little jig?  How about that little song of relief that wants to burst out when you realize that someone really and truly "gets" you and your work?

If not…you need to find new business partners.  And if we’re not inspiring our clients, so do they.

What could you do that would inspire joy in your clients this week?

And now, for your viewing pleasure…some shots (off their official website) of Curtains.  The lead in the play is David Hyde Pierce (Frasier’s brother Niles). 

Picture_15 Picture_16_2

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