Good news for Iowa Businesses!




Today is a great day for Iowa Businesses! officially launches and boy is it packed with content! is designed with only one goal — helping small businesses grow stronger and more profitable.  We’ve lined up 12 incredibly smart and generous Central Iowa bloggers who are going to create new content every single day of the month.

Meet the Team

Accounting/Finance:  Joe Kristan
Human Resources/Leadership:  Shirley Poertner
Intellectual Property Law:  Brett Trout
ESOP/Company Culture:  Victor Aspengren
Life/Work Balance:  Mitch Matthews
Insurance:  Brian Honnold
Networking:  Adam Steen
Social/Viral Media: Mike Sansone
Business Law:  Rush Nigut
Call Center/Customer Service: Tom Vander Well
Project Management:  Tim Johnson
Marketing/Branding:  Drew McLellan

All of the authors are open to topic suggestions, so stop by, enjoy the high quality insights and ask a question or two.

Special thanks to Professional Solutions Insurance Services for being our corporate sponsor!

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7 comments on “Good news for Iowa Businesses!

  1. Where’s the technology? 🙂

  2. mindblob says:

    Congrats Drew! This must have been quite a lot of work… in parallel. Excellent!

  3. What about having as a mission of to be a place where people can come when they are starting a small business? Where they can find out exactly what they need? SBA and SCORE do not know anything about the Internet and business. Good luck with

    Elizabeth Anderson

  4. Andy,

    It was a tough call to choose 12 and only 12 topics. We’re going to be doing some additional elements off line that make the # 12 critical.

    But, I would hope that you’d come over to the blog and add value and your knowledge via the comments. As you know, that’s where the true personality of the blog is built.


  5. Lewis,

    Oh, you bet. The Marketing Minute will always be my home base. has 12 authors, so I only need to post 2-3 times a month.

    But I’m not leaving this place! Who’d clean up after the parties?


  6. Luc,

    Thank you. It was some work but well worth it. Besides I had plenty of help from my blogger brothren!


  7. Elizabeth,

    I am sure that starting a business will be one of the topics we cover at We’re trying to be very global in looking at small business issues here in Iowa.

    Keep reading and commenting. We’re pretty open to topic suggestions.


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