Gotta get goals — what are yours?



We’ve all read the statistics.  If you write down your goals, you are 95% more likely to achieve them.  And yet, most of us don’t write them down. And we don’t put them someplace that we can be constantly nudged about them.

Don’t start toeing the dirt.  You’re not alone.  But we can change all that!  I’ll do it if you will.

Steve Harper (Ripple On) tagged me almost a month ago (I wonder if one of my goals should be to reply to tags more promptly) to join in the Gotta Get Goals series.  And Dawud Miracle tagged me even before that.  The rules are simple.  List five goals and why you want to achieve them.

So don’t just read mine.  Do yours.  Link back here and maybe we can create a chain of goals and help/support each other as we push towards turning them into action. 

A note on my goals — being an integral, giving, strong, supportive part of my family (and extended family) and circle of friends is a given. So, I left that off the list.

Write/publish a mystery novel (have it in my head…just not in the computer)

If you read my bookshelves post, you know I love mysteries.  So much so that I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to them.  For me, they are pure escapism. I get to mentally play for a couple hours. The writer in me wants to create one.  I have the core characters and the outline of the book in my head.  I even have the first line.  Now, I just have to find/make the time to get it started.

Be the highest paying agency in my state and region (my people rock and I want to pay them like rock stars!)

Working for a marketing agency, you make decent money.  But not rock star money.  I want to provide such incredible value for our clients that we can be even more profitable…and I can share those profits with the MMG team.  For now I will try to spoil them in ways I can like closing at noon on Fridays.

Exercise 4 days a week

I want to get back into fighting shape as I approach 45. By the time I’m 50, I want to be in the best shape of my life.  Besides…exercise is great for stress-reduction and creating thinking time. Itt will also set a good example for my daughter, so she will begin to build exercise into her daily routine long before she needs to do it.

Write/teach other men how to be great dads to their kids (focus on daughters)

I have no idea how this will manifest itself but I have such a calling to do this.  I love being a dad and seem to have an aptitude for it.  I also believe that having an involved, active dad is every child’s right.  The research proves how much a dad can influence his kids’ lives, attitudes and self-esteem.  I want to make this happen for lots of other kids.

Write a book on the MMG philosophy of branding

This is book #2.  It is all in my head and comes out of my mouth in meetings, blog posts, articles and presentations every day.   We believe it is our mission at MMG to help companies discover their brand so they can create love affairs with their clients.  Writing this book would extend our reach tremendously.  Gotta get this one done!

Personify my personal mantra – Gratitude, Grace, Give

I know the challenge was five goals. But I don’t ever want this one to be far from the surface or my line of sight.  If I don’t do this – the other goals don’t seem to matter as much.

Come on…show me yours.

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