Do it for mom

Ck_mom_2 I can’t think of a better week to be writing this post.  We’re a few days ahead of Mother’s Day and everyone is scrambling to buy the card or the perfect gift.  I wonder how many of us stop and actually think about the true gifts our parents give us.

Security.  Safety.  Knowing that no matter what, it’s okay.  We’re okay.

I don’t care how old or successful you are sometimes you just need to crawl into the shelter of your parent’s unconditional love.

For many families, the epicenter of that shelter and unconditional love is their family’s home. It is their shelter.  Their safety. It is where their family comes together.

Unless of course you don’t have a home.

Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just build houses. They build homes. They build families.  They build esteem.  They’re a charity that believes you don’t just hand something out, you give families an opportunity to earn their helping hand so that it is a source of pride, not dependency.

A worthy charity for this week.   Made more worthy because we’re raising money to honor a mom who raised her two daughters to honor those same values.  Home. Family. Pride.  And most of all, serving your community with all your talents.  CK’s mom gave her girls security.  Safety.  And in their mom’s spirit, we band together to remind them that no matter what, they’re okay. Because for a change, their community is the one stepping up to serve them with love, support and compassion.

You have until Mother’s Day to give.  Give to honor CK’s mom, Sandra.  Give to honor your mom.  Give to say thank you for the gifts you’ve been given as a parent.  Find your own reason.  But give.

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