So how good are you when you have no budget?

Cap I need you to put on your thinking cap with me.

Sure, it’s sexy to work on a project for Coke, Best Buy or NBC.  But let’s be honest, that gets old. 

I have something even sweeter on my desk and I’ve decided to let you in on the project.  (I know…give, give, give!)

And don’t think I’m not going to share the wealth. I’m doing this pro bono, so I can promise you that you’re going to make just as much as I do!

What is this once in a lifetime project?  Wait for it…

We’re going to create a marketing plan for a middle school!  No, not one of those swank private schools.  This is your run of the mill public middle school.  With 30 year old auditorium seats.  Having sat in them many a time, I can assure you — this is a need, not a want.

Let me give you the facts and then I would love to let you contribute some brilliant ideas to add to the plan.

The campaign:
  Not a Bad Seat in the House (they love the pun of it!)
The goal: "Sell" 400 seats at $200 each.  Each buyer will get a plaque they can personalize that will go on the seat itself.
The budget:  Come on, it’s the public school system.  We can print some fliers or simple one color brochures and they would probably spring for some postage.
The work force:  A few teachers, the principal and a handful of parents, including moi — who somehow became in charge of this little project.

Oh yeah…and school is out the first week in June.  So our most immediate access to the most likely buyer is 2 weeks and counting.

So come on you brilliant marketers — toss some great ideas my way.  Let’s build the plan together so  there’s "not a bad seat in the house!"  (It sings, doesn’t it?)

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