Your starting pitcher…Drew McLellan

Picture_8_2 Did you read the title in one of those reverberating loudspeaker voices?  If not, you need to go back and re-read it that way.  I’ll wait.

That is the soundtrack of my youth.  I grew up dreaming of hearing the announcer’s voice booming my name I strode confidently to the mound.

My hero – Sandy Koufax, the preeminent pitcher of the 1960’s.  He had a fastball that could singe your eyelashes before you knew it was even out of his hand.  He had the stuff, on and off the field.  He was an ambassador for the game and a class act.

I wanted to be just like him. 

I would drift off to sleep many a night, shaking off pitch signals in my head as I imagined myself reaching my dream.

When I discovered blogging, I experienced a similar reaction to a different team – the bloggers at Marketing Profs Daily Fix.  They were articulate, smart, insightful and engaging.  I admired how confidant they were in their areas of expertise and how they could weave stories and facts together to illuminate their points of view.

I wanted to be just like them.

So I can’t tell you how humbled and elated I am to invite you over to the Daily Fix to read my inaugural post.  Now if the Fix’s Ann Handley would just get on the loudspeaker…

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18 comments on “Your starting pitcher…Drew McLellan

  1. Drew,

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations. Looking forward to reading your articles there.

    And – love the new look of the blog.


  2. Ann Handley says:

    It’s a pleasure to have you as part of the team, Drew.

    AND — I think this is the first (and probably last) time that Sandy Koufax and I are ever mentioned in the same tag string. lol…..

  3. Connie Reece says:

    Congratulations, Drew! You’ll be a terrific addition to the starting lineup.

  4. Congrats and great article!

  5. Drew, how awesomely cool! Congratulations and great inaugural post!

  6. CK says:

    Oh you big shot ;-). It’s so exciting and just know how much value you add there, here and everywhere. Yippie!

  7. Cam,

    Boy, do you have a way with words!


  8. Sandy,

    Glad you like the new look. I think it feels cleaner, which is what I was going for.



  9. Ann,

    Thanks for the welcome. I’m loving getting to wear the uniform and play with such an amazing team.

    How’s *your* fast ball?


  10. Connie, Andy & CB —

    Thanks for your warm wishes. Now get over there and leave a comment! 😉


  11. CK,

    Boy, do I love having you in my corner. Thanks for the encouragement and keeping me pushing to be better!


  12. Great post, and it’s great to see you getting to play in “The Show.” Your post is spot-on. Congratz!

  13. Hey Drew,
    Congrats! I’m a big fan of the Daily Fix and know you and your great writing will fit in nicely.


  14. Tim Jackson says:

    Welcome to the team Drew! You’re an excellent addition and a great new arm to have in the rotation. Hopefully this won’t mean that Ann is sending me to the farm team now.

    Glad to have your name on the list of contributors.

  15. Andrew — thanks for the kudos. It’s cool to be there!


  16. Lewis,

    Thank you my friend! I’ve had some good teachers. I’ve been learning from you Marketing Profs vets for a long time.


  17. Pat,

    Thank you…I’m a big fan of the Fix too. Which makes it even cooler to be there.


  18. Tim,

    I don’t think you need to worry a bit about being in the starting rotation. Like we discussed the other night — you’ve got your looks!


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