A bag full of ideas: 06/25/07

Bagful From time to time, I’m going to share a mixed bag of ideas, marketing tips, brilliant writing and sometimes — something that just made me laugh out loud.  Here’s today’s offering:

This one had me smiling and nodding: Jay hit the nail on the head when he responded to the age old question "But does all that blogging get your clients?"  Right on Jay!  My favorite message — if you blog just to get clients, you won’t.

This one had me bookmarking this blog: Cody McKibben shares some explores the recent attempt by Congress to extend the Freedom of Information Act to bloggers.  A very well-thought out post from a young man who is clearly going to be a voice to be reckoned with.

This one was an excellent reminder: Chris Punke reminds us of the many ways video can enhance our marketing.   The new distribution and ease of use that video enjoys today makes this traditional marketing technique a very viable one for most businesses.

This one scared me a little: Brett Trout at IowaBiz.com suggests that many of us who think we own our websites couldn’t be more wrong. Is that a conversation you had with your web developer?  Should you?

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