Are your marketing efforts overcompensating?

We’ve all seen it.

Bulging, overloaded PowerPoint slides,  brochures, packaging and websites.  With every additional word or element — you can smell the uncertainty.

They’re afraid the audience won’t get it.  Which speaks volumes.  But not about the audience.

Are you confident enough to be simple?


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8 comments on “Are your marketing efforts overcompensating?

  1. Mike says:

    Easy there big fella !

    Simple is my thang. I expect you to do the hard work that takes educated, committed, sphisticated minds, not the easy stuff like I can do.


  2. It’s just like anything else, dating, buying a car, a job interview, you don’t want to look desperate or they’ll see the lack of confidence. Being simple puts off an air of pride in your product or company.

    Great and simple post,

  3. Ellen Weber says:

    Hi Drew, A compelling question and thanks for the great post! I unpacked it further – using a brain based lens, but it did not zap through for some reason. Is your trackback off?

  4. Mike,

    I think the thinking and the strategy are still pretty complicated. But the delivery — that’s where simple should live.

    I guess the more you truly know yourself, the simpler you can be. What do you think?


  5. Katie,

    Great anology. Desperate is exactly the right word. All too many ads and promotions look desperate. As though if they don’t tell you everything this one time, they might not ever get another chance.

    Simple wins over that every time.


  6. Hey Ellen,

    The trackback is good now. I’ve been getting some weird SPAM trackbacks, so I have the approval setting on.

    Thanks for building off this post. On my way over to add my thoughts to your thoughts!


  7. Marie,

    I’m not sure it is about less expensive. I am sure Tiffany’s sinks a fair amount of money into their signature boxes and bags. And that pouch that the necklace came in probaly wasn’t cheap either.

    But…they never change their logo, their colors or junk up their product presentation with promotions or sales.

    They rely on that simple elegance. Which really communicates their confidence in their product to their consumers.


  8. John,

    Hmm, hadn’t thought about it from that angle. What makes you say that companies want complicated customers? How would you describe a complicated customer?


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