Is US produced advertising dumbed down?

Here’s a little different spin from Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, made for the UK market.  My question….how do you think this would play in the US?  Why do you think we don’t see more spots with this kind of humor?


And a tip of the hat to Little John at Advertising for Peanuts for pointing me to the spot.

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6 comments on “Is US produced advertising dumbed down?

  1. ann michael says:

    Great ad! I don’t think it’s “dumbed down” so much as “toned down”. When I talk to my friends outside of the US their perception is often that we are very conservative, prudish, and serious.

    Personally, I would love to see more ads like this (and will be presenting the video to my husband after I buy him some new Nike’s!).

  2. Lori Magno says:

    OMG – how much do I love that ad? Succinct, funny and beautifully shot. The punchline is perfect and the tagline works at the end. I love it.

  3. Art Dinkin says:

    I love it! I have been running for three years… but stll feel like I am not a runner… yet

  4. Chuck says:

    You have to appreciate the authenticity of this ad.

  5. Nancy says:

    I think most Americans would love this ad. Perhaps it’s the marketers who don’t think enough of the American sense of humor to try something a little less conservative for a change.
    If you want to change things, shake them up a bit, you have to take a chance. Maybe it’s time for marketers/advertisers to try something a little different for a change.

  6. I agree with all of you — this is a superb ad, in both message and production.

    I think Nancy’s right — I think our industry is squeamish to run stuff like this, but I think most Americans would love it.

    Why do you think we’re such chickensh*ts about pushing against the conservative assumptions?


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