If you could only use one sentence…

One …to market your organization, what would it be?

(Draw a blank?  E-mail me.)

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15 comments on “If you could only use one sentence…

  1. Helping novice and experienced Captains of Commerce explore the world.

    I thought about adding more but I think I really want to try to keep it short. A run-on sentence would probably be less effective. I think it was Guy who said :
    “You should try to describe your company in one word. If you can do that and people recognize it – you have succeeded.”

    I am still stuck on 2: Modern Magellans
    Maybe someday Magellans will be enough or I will find a better word.

    (Turning the table a bit) What is your word Drew?

  2. Your Partner for Success

  3. David Reich says:

    Good strategic thinking backed by best efforts and integrity, always with your interests in mind.

  4. Hey Roger,

    I think Magellans would work. But do you run the risk of some people know getting it? Could you use the word navigate or exploration? Or does that not quite get you there?

    My word? Love-Affair. (I know the hyphen is sort of cheating.)

    We teach clients how to create love affairs with their customers.

    I try to create love affairs with my employees (I want them ruined so they can’t imagine working some place else.)

    I have found that if our clients don’t love us, the relationship is doomed. And…love is a very strong emotion. If they just like us…it’s okay but it is not spectacular. We want spectacular.


  5. Lewis and Roberta —

    How do you combat the fact that your competition probably says the same “sorts” of things? Or doesn’t it matter?

    Or don’t they?


  6. David,

    I like the best efforts and integrity segment — such a good and valuable promise but no fluff or hype.

    Very you.


  7. Erin Blaskie says:

    Helping business owners manage the BS, etc.

    My business’ name is Business Services, ETC aka BS, etc. so it’s a great play on words and it describes exactly what I do! All of the stuff that the biz owner doesn’t really want to do or the tasks they don’t have time for.

    Great question!

    Erin Blaskie

  8. Say it. Don’t spray it.

    Well, I thought of that as a joke, but the more I think about it, the more valid it actually is. Since I’m writing a book on copywriting and focusing on that part of my business lately, my sentence also focuses on marketing. However, it could apply to all aspects of marketing when you think about it. I think one of the most important aspects of copywriting and marketing is getting your message across to consumers. My philosophy is to cut out all the unnecessary fluff and get to the point. In today’s busy world, I think consumers appreciate that, so “Say it. Don’t Spray it,” is probably an accurate way to describe my copywriting and marketing style. Maybe I should copyright that (just kidding).

  9. Mike says:

    What do you think of this? I love a semi colon, but do think I can stop right before the one I put in this sentence?

    Execution you can trust; creative, Technical and Management of high impact live-events.

  10. Erin,

    LOL! Did you create that name with the BS purpose or was it just lucky happenstance?

    How do people respond?


  11. Lewis,

    A good point and a great reminder. Most marketing copy is way to “I” heavy. I’ll bet the clients love the case studies. You should share some of those on your blog.

    What a great learning tool those would be.


  12. Susan,

    Isn’t it odd how as you think about something…words just pop into your brain and somehow, they’re the right ones?

    I think your no-nonsense style is enjoying a lot of popularity right now. Clients are realizing that consumers don’t want to be sold or snowed.


  13. Mike,

    Execution you can trust is a very powerful statement. Is the word execution specific enough to your industry/business?


  14. Mike says:

    Hi Drew,

    I think the word, Execution is specific enough to mmy business and probably the industry as a whole. Great Seamless Execution and Trust are two fo the 3 pints of my message. The other is Delivering On-budget. I think ‘Execution you can trust’ ties this together nicely. It’s a short sentence at that.

    Any thoughts regarding the semi colon? Is that just a crutch to allow me to say more than is needed? No need to be gentle.

  15. Mike,

    How about:

    High impact live-event execution you can trust.

    You get to lose the semi colon but offer a little more detail at the same time.


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