BrandingWire: Play along on round #2


Last month, we launched BrandingWire with our team focusing on a local coffee shop.  Each month, we focus our creative bandwidth on a particular branding challenge or topic, and collectively give our perspectives on how we’d apply best branding practices.

This Monday July 9th, we will launch July's edition.  Our focus is Estes Park, Colorado.  Be sure to check out each BrandingWire perspective.

My BrandingWire brethren & sisters are:

    Olivier Blanchard
    Becky Carroll
    Derrick Daye
    Kevin Dugan
    Lewis Green
    Ann Handley
    Gavin Heaton
    Martin Jelsema
    Valeria Maltoni
    Drew McLellan
    Patrick Schaber
    Steve Woodruff

Grab the same background the BrandingWire team is working with and join in the fun.

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