Concentrate on the old this week

Customer_2 Current or past clients are a goldmine of potential new sales.  Here are some of the advantages of selling to someone who has already bought from you:

  • They know who you are and trust/like you enough that they've done business with you
  • They are more likely to take your calls than a prospect
  • You'll be able to get past their gatekeeper
  • They've already experienced your product
  • They are also great referral sources
  • They are the source of testimonials
  • If they had a good experience, they will want more

Of course, if you fade away and lose touch, they will lose interest.  So you want to be sure that an element of your marketing/sales plan include staying in touch with these very valuable customers.

Of course, you're going to have to talk to them differently.  It's like the difference between talking to a stranger and talking to your cousin.   

If you are like most businesses, you spend a disproportionate amount of your time chasing strangers and not enough time talking to old forgotten cousins. 

Do you have a cousin or two that you should reach out to this week?  Do you have something relevant to say?

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