Hey customer, thanks for calling. You are fired!

Sometimes the stupidity of Corporate America stuns me.

Sprint recently sent out a batch of letters to their own customers.  The gist of the letter is that these customers have called Customer Service about billing or other issues too often, so Sprint is firing them.

What I love most about this letter is the ending


You're fired because you call too much.  But if you have any questions — call us!!  And does anyone else see the oxymoron of calling it the Customer CARE department?

So, if you've been looking for a way to break your Sprint contract so you can grab a new iPhone, it looks like you just need to give Sprint a call.  Or 10.

If you were the VP of Marketing for Sprint and the powers that be came to you with this decision…what would you have said?  If they demanded the customers be terminated, how would you have recommended it be handled?

Update:  Considering this was about less than 1,000 customers, now how badly do you think they handled it?

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