How about lingerie-clad women wading through bubbles?

When Steven Singer asked himself what 21-30 year old men wanted…that was the answer he came up with — what about lingerie-clad women wading through bubbles.  Hard to argue with his logic.

In fact, Singer is betting the store on it. Steven Singers Jewelers is quite the departure from traditional jewelry advertising.  Their promotions include in store bubble bath parties (yes, with the aforementioned scantily-clad women), chicken wing eating contests and giveaways on Howard Stern's radio show.

Recently covered in the WSJ online, Steven Singer Jewelers is proving that you don't have to look or sound like a Harlequin novel to sell diamonds. (Our friend Derrick Daye is quoted in the article.)

Picture_1 He started out with the billboards "I hate Steven Singer" throughout the metro.  That drove people to the website, where they read stories from men who hated Steven Singer because they had to give up their great bachelor lives and now they're married.

Unconventional?  I'll say.  Attention-getting? You tell me.  Sales are up 15-20% annually since he adopting his advertising strategy. 

Singer is perfectly content that his "boorish" campaign offends some people.  He's not trying to be everything to everyone.  He knows exactly who he wants in his store and he's talking their language.

Risky?  Sure.  Smart branding that most people would be too skittish to do?  I think so.

What do you think about Singer's brand? The upside is obvious – great sales.  Is there a downside?

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