How to anchor your tagline in your target’s mind

Picture_2_2 Use it.  Everywhere.

Here's a startling reality check.  About the time we are so sick of our positioning line (or tagline) that we could scream — our audiences are just beginning to notice it.

How do we accelerate the marketplace's awareness of our tagline?  We use it.  Wherever and whenever we can.  Sometimes, creating memorable marketing is as simple as frequency.

Where should we put it?  I'll start the list and you guys chime in.  After a few days, I'll update the post and give you credit for your ideas (in case some people are too lazy to scroll down through the comments!)

Business cards
e-mail signature
Signage (when it fits)
Vehicle signage
Promotional items (pens, cups, lanyards, frisbees)
Wearables (hats, polos, t-shirts, aprons)
Voice mail message

Come on…where else?

UPDATE:  Here are some reader additions to the list.

Actually live your brand promise — submitted by Pete
Promotional literature (brochures, fliers, data sheets, etc)
Trade show exhibits
Newsletter banners
Advertising (TV, radio, print) — submitted by Martin Jelsema
Your blog — submitted by Steve Woodruff
Front windows (we use sticky letter as well as paint)
Social networking sites
Tattoos (Temporary!)
15 second pitches
Sales Counters
Product packaging
Shipping containers and tape
Screen savers
Break areas (on the fridge)
Restroom mirrors
Text messages
Entry carpets
Is skywriting out of the question? — submitted by Becky McCray

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13 comments on “How to anchor your tagline in your target’s mind

  1. Pete says:

    How about into action? That’s the best way to reinforce the message – to deliver on what you promise.

  2. Drew: I’ll bet you just left the following items off your list of tagline opportunities just so we would be compelled to add the following: promotional literature (brochures, fliers, data sheets, application briefs), trade show exhibits, newsletter banners, presentations, proposals and advertising (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines). Martin

  3. Seems to me that you might also want to include it on a blog…I’m just sayin’…

  4. Pete & Lewis,

    Without a doubt…all talk and no corresponding action is a death sentence for a business.

    But let’s assume the company actually walks it talk. Then…where are some of the places that you’d advise them to make sure their tagline is included?


  5. Martin,

    Well…it wouldn’t be much fun to participate if I didn’t leave you any room, would it?

    Your list is an excellent addition. I’m curious. Is there any vehicle or place that you’d advise a client NOT to put their tagline?


  6. Steve,

    Oh yeah…that.


  7. Becky,

    Excellent list. You can tell that you live this in your retail environment every day.

    Do you think your customers notice?


  8. Don’t forget press releases. Whether it’s a wide-scale press release or a small article in a local newspaper, it’s important to remember to include your tagline.

  9. Great, thought provoking material here Drew.

    I found that a minute addition to my personal branding mix has had a fairly significiant effect on my name recognition since I first enacted the change a few weeks ago. I simply added the tag “Idea Seller” to my name in all comments and notes I send out!

  10. Susan,

    Excellent point. If it’s not in the release, they can hardly pick it up and use it, eh?

    I’ll update the list this weekend and include this one too!


  11. Daniel,

    You know it’s funny. I can’t tell you exactly when, but I have noticed you around the blogosphere lately and I know it’s the Idea Seller tag that caught my attention.

    Have you gotten good response? It’s a brilliant, simple and free idea. Nice work!


  12. Becky McCray says:

    I can’t believe I forgot shopping bags and receipts!

  13. Becky,

    Me too….I’ll update your list and add those!


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