Tag…I’ve been tagged with the tagline meme!

Picture_11Ahh, personal branding with a whole new twist.  Leave it up to that creative rapscallion Cam Beck from ChaosScenario.  He has started a new meme and we get to play along.

Here's how it works:

You select five bloggers and give them a fitting tagline.  What's the path that led here?  Cam got Lewis Green, who got me.  So here are my tags, complete with my take on their tag.

(I'm pretty sure if you've already been tagged, you're on a safe base and don't have to be "it" again!)

CK (CK's blog):  Queen of Hearts
David Armano (Logic + Emotion):  User Friendly
Gavin Heaton (Servant of Chaos): Idea Poet
Todd And (Todd Add):  Make it Measurable
David Reich (My 2 cents):  A Bargain at Twice the Price

Feel free to join in and play along. What would you want your tagline to reflect?

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3 comments on “Tag…I’ve been tagged with the tagline meme!

  1. David Reich says:

    Thanks for the tag, Drew. Let me work on this.

  2. Tim Jackson says:

    Dang, those are good… now I feel like an even bigger dork.

  3. Cam — it was a fun one — nice creation on your part!

    Lewis — thanks for the tag. It was fun to play along.

    David — No rush. Plenty of bloggers to tag!

    Tim — Now, that’s just crazy. You were a big dork long before this post! ;-}


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