Are most businesses a little self-absorbed?

Picture_18 Do most businesses spent too much time looking in the mirror and not enough time thinking about and listening to their customers?

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2 comments on “Are most businesses a little self-absorbed?

  1. Gabriel says:

    I would say that many companies are indeed self absorbed especially in advertising where the internal culture of the ‘industry’ is out of step with the opinion in the ‘real’ world. This is particularly highlighted by the problem of ‘male bashing’ ads which seem to be getting up a lot of peoples back these days…..Discussed in greater detail on the article ‘Advertisng Men as ….’ on

  2. Gabriel,

    I’ve always thought that for some reason men are the only target that is is “safe” to bash and make fun of without fear of recrimination.

    All the TV shows make the dads look like morons and the wives treat their husbands like children. I find it offensive.

    How do you equate this situation with the idea that companies spend too much time staring at themselves in the mirror?


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