How brands help us decipher features


A good brand sets up expectations.  The more definitive the brand, the better we can anticipate the experience.  We can almost sense what would be a "right or wrong fit" based on the brand values or behaviors.

For example…see how many of these you get right:

  • What shape is Disney Cruise line's most popular pool?
  • What rating would Disney's  7 pm live entertainment show earn?
  • How about their 9 pm show?
  • How late is the casino open?
  • The food that is consumed in the largest quantity on the ship is…
  • How many times a day do the cruise activities team have "age specific" kid activities planned?
  • What is the decor of the most popular on-board restaurant?

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One comment on “How brands help us decipher features

  1. Jon,

    In fairness…I grabbed this visual off their website. You wouldn’t see it until you were pretty deep into the buying process.

    Normally, when they initiate their marketing, they just show beautiful pictures of the ship in the water.


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