Is your elevator speech a what or a why?

Handshake When you have 30 seconds to introduce yourself, if you are like most people you say your name and then identify what you do.

You know…"hi, I'm Drew McLellan.  I work at a marketing communications agency."


Listen to how different and how much more relevant this sounds when I focus on the why:

"Hi, I'm Drew McLellan.  We help clients discover their story so they can create love affairs with their customers."

Which one do you think would stimulate more conversation and interest on the part of the person I'm meeting? 

What could your elevator speech be if you focused on the why?

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2 comments on “Is your elevator speech a what or a why?

  1. Nice one, Drew. A short post, but nails one of the most fundamental questions in marketing in my opinion.

  2. David,

    And yet one that many clients really struggle to wrap their arms around. I wonder if it is the concept or their own inability to identify and articulate their own why?


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