New bloggers toolbox

Toolbox A couple months ago, I asked for your help.  I said:

As fresh faces leap into the blogging waters faster than we can count them, it occurred to me that it's in everyone's best interest (and just good manners) to offer a helping hand to the neophytes.  We're helping clients launch blogs on a regular basis and for many of them, these is new territory.

But I need your help.  Someone helped you…now it's our turn!

Well, help you did!  I have now compiled everyone's suggestions and organized them by the following categories:

  • Are chock full of practical tips    
  • Act as a living lab on how to write compelling blog posts    
  • Demonstrate how to build a community    
  • Teach marketing tools    
  • Are welcome wagons – bloggers who spotlight newbies

The toolbox will now have a permanent home here at Drew's Marketing Minute.  Watch for a button along my sidebar. 

Feel free grab the button and share it with your readers as well.  Hopefully, the toolbox will be a resource that bloggers new and old can find value in for a long time.

Special thanks to the contributors.  If I missed anyone, please let me know and I will add your contributions.


  • Robyn McMaster
  • C.B. Whittemore
  • Lori Magno
  • Janet Green
  • Joanna Young
  • Paul McEnany
  • Mario Vellandi
  • Richard Cockrum
  • Ryan Karpeles
  • Liz Strauss
  • Lewis Green
  • Patrick Schaber
  • Gianandrea Facchini
  • Chris Brown
  • Spinning Silk Multimedia
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