Tagline contest — win a copy of Age of Conversation!

Picture_1 Here's a little weekend fun.  Without cheating, googling or asking your spouse — can you identify which business goes with each tagline?

E-mail me your answers and I will draw one lucky winner and send them a copy of The Age of Conversation!

Just do it.

Think different.

Good to the last drop.

A little dab’ll do ya.

Tell them Charlie sent you.

Because I’m worth it.

Let your fingers do the walking.

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

We bring good things to life.

You deserve a break today.

Clarification:  Even if you don't get them all right — enter anyway.  I'm going to draw for all entrants, not just the ones who get 100% right.

UPDATE:  The winner (selected among everyone who played…drawn randomly from my Disney ball cap) is Karey Niday. 

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4 comments on “Tagline contest — win a copy of Age of Conversation!

  1. Bummer! Can’t do it. Most I remember hearing, but can’t place them anymore. Good luck to everyone else though!

  2. Connie Reece says:

    Ooooh, I know them all! But I won’t enter because I have copies of The Age of Conversation already. Fun contest, though.

  3. Katie,

    Go ahead and enter. You don’t have to get them all right!


  4. Connie,

    Can you think of any taglines that have been developed in the past 2-5 years that have the staying power of these?


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