We watch differently. We will advertise differently.

Oldtv A recent study released by The IBM Institute for Business Value suggests that thanks to DVRs, we are actually watching MORE television.  But fewer ads.

As DVRs and other technology allow us to skip over the :30 spot — you have to know that advertisers will find a new way.

What do you think that new way will be?  Read more about the study and its implications in my post over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix.

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6 comments on “We watch differently. We will advertise differently.

  1. That’s an interesting study, Drew. One ad method I see more & more is the overlay during a show. TNT does it a lot to advertise their own shows. For the most part, I don’t mind, but it does get a bit annoying sometimes. Actually, it freaks me out occasionally when a head pops up in the bottom of the screen. 🙂

  2. kristen says:

    I think they will come up with some way to advertise on our cell phones. I don’t know how exactly but if I did I’m sure I would be making millions with the application. They have already started advertising in movie theaters. It’s not just the previews anymore but soft drinks and such. I think the advertising market is also going to soar in the blog realm. It has already started but this is still a fairly untapped market.

  3. SimonStudio says:

    I haven’t turned on the TV for a while… been to busy watching internet porn. I suppose those that bother to learn how to tweak it, will tweak. I doubt I would sit through advertising on the channel in window forms. and as an educated person I don’t think I could be sold something within the plot of a show. Am I just one of those coffee house arrogant intellectuals? No… I eat red meat, I don’t think America is stupid and I think socialism gives me heartburn. …am I the only one? I’m not talking in absolutes here. I will sit through an original Star Trek or Taxi rerun once in a blue moon if I can’t get it illegally on You-Tube. It just shows you how stupid and left wing the marketing and PR people are. I have spent five years listening to advertising people bemoan that they don’t know how to reach men. Ah… listen here Gloria Steinem… running ads on pornography would be breakthrough thinking. Imagine Jenna Jameson gets plugged, but first it’s “Miller Time”. Those knee jerk intellectuals in the industry are going to rethink what people want… open up those old Freud books they threw out for something a little more egalitarian and get back the basics of objectivity. What do the people who make the money want? They aren’t going to listen to their wives… let the pink collar bitch make her own buys, So I can spend my excess income on my XBOX 360 and large screen TV that I can watch “Debbie does Marketing”. As for the stupid woman… she can buy all the fashion accessories she wants… but it won’t cost as much as all my cool multimedia toys made by Asians.

  4. Andrew,

    I find that a big distracting too. I am taken away from the moment of the show I am watching. But I think you’re probably right. We’ll be seeing more of it down the road.


  5. Kristen,

    As people begin to use their mobile devices as so much more than a phone — between texting, downloading videos etc. — we are beginning to see how advertisers are setting their vision on that little screen.

    I wonder if someday we will have TiVo mobile??


  6. Simon,

    I think most companies are leery of the bad press/backlash of marketing on porn sites or products. But, as we saw in the case study of Steve Singer, others are willing to endure the disapproval of some to gain the attention of the young adult male audience.

    So…you might have something there.


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