Blogtipping — September 2007

Picture_5_1 I am joining with my fellow bloggers in celebrating some new blogs that I enjoyed this past month. 

As is the blogtipping tradition, (created by Easton Ellsworth) I'll offer a few reasons why I like the blog and one suggestion for improvement.

This month's nods go to….

Loyalty Marketing Blog is Jonathan Treiber's "industry watch" on loyalty marketing. 

Things I love:

  • The depth of information.
  • That you don't stop at just giving us the facts, you also give us your insight.
  • Lots of great current case studies in the posts.


  • You don't seem to link out to other bloggers within your posts.  I think that would make  you much more findable and add even more depth to your analysis.

SpinningSilk Multi Media is a tightly woven blend of tips, stories and recommendations.  Patrick and Heather Greer have grown their business from a moonlighting gig to a full-time thriving business.

Things I love:

  • The diversity of your posts.
  • How you share your own experiences and hard learned lessons.
  • Your natural, engaging style of writing.


  • How about some visuals to illustrate more of your posts?

A relatively new blog on the scene, is a small business owner's dream come true.  12 experts, each with expertise in a different arena, offering their best counsel for building and growing a successful business.

There are some bloggers you'll recognize and some you should get to know.  Every day, a new business insight in a different area.  Chock full of smarts.

Things I love:

  • Clean, simple design.  Easy to navigate and explore.
  • Love all the different blog authors and their varying styles.
  • Every day, a practical tip or insight.   What's not to love?


  • Get rid of that McLellan guy!

There you have it discerning readers…until next month's blogtipping adventure!

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