Come mix and mingle

Conversations One of the things I love about big cocktail parties is the mixing and mingling.  It's a smorgasbord of conversations and you can drift in and out, sampling a little bit of each one.

So, imagine all the Age of Conversation authors standing around, drink in hand, chatting.  Wouldn't it be fun to flit from group to group, engaging with each author?

Well, until we can make that happen, David Brazeal of JournaMarketing (and an AoC author) is doing the next best thing.  He's vowed to create a podcast with each author and share them with all of us. 

He's got three done and you can check them out on his site.

Gavin Heaton
Becky Carroll

This will be a series worth watching for.  Thanks to David for putting the spotlight on each author!

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