Do blogs make e-newsletters obsolete?

Obsolete Here's the question.  Now that we have blogs, should we still have e-newsletters? 

My friend Dawud Miracle raised the question and paints a picture that suggests that e-newsletters are really thinly veiled tricks to capture e-mail addresses and sell products.  Blogs on the other hand, according to his initial post, are less intrusive and give the reader more control.  He's generated quite an interesting collection of responses.

Here's mine.

With all due respect, who died and made us King? That is so 1980’s.  We are not in charge anymore.  The consumer is.

My agency has had a e-newsletter since 1999 and we have thousands of subscribers.  They seem to like it.

I have had a blog for less than a year. Have a good number of subscribers but certainly not the thousands that the e-newsletter has. The blog subscribers seem to like it.

Some of the e-newsletter subscribers have opted to also sign up for the blog and visa versa. (I try not to use the same content).

If we have learned anything in this era of citizen marketing — we don’t get to decide. We offer up value in a variety of media and let the consumer choose which option works for them.

And if we think that e-newsletters are more sales driven — we are crazy. I have seen blatant blog posts that practically begged for work. I’m not saying that is bad…but I saying we are deluding ourselves to think of one as a sales tool and the other as an educational vehicle. Both…can be both.

As long as we have subscribers to either vehicle, I will keep writing them. 

So what do you think?  Are they mutually exclusive tools?  Does one replace the other?  Is one medium more geared towards a sales pitch?

Do we or should we choose for our readers/prospects/customers?

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