Don’t leave THIS out of your media releases!

Forget In today's age of the digital media release, I find this statistic from BusinessWire amazing.

Less than 1% of press releases submitted contain hyperlinks

Adding a hyperlink does several things for you:

  • It adds valuable links back to your website or blog
  • The links are SEO juice
  • You shift your media release to a useful, connective tool for consumers
  • It allows you to enhance the story with background or related information
  • It opens the opportunity to communicate with your audience

Make a rule for yourself right now.  You will not send out a media release without at least 2 outbound links.  But don't overdue.  Anything more than 1 link per 100 words runs the risk of being labeled as link spam.

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3 comments on “Don’t leave THIS out of your media releases!

  1. Drew,

    Great suggestion and I always remind my clients to do this as well. Sometimes people just simply forget that this is a vital connect directly to your company or in my clients’ cases their books!

    Love your blog. And I love the idea of the Blogger Social 08 in New York!


  2. Lewis,

    Good point. This is not an absolute because there are times when you cannot. But it should be your exception, not your rule.


  3. Nettie,

    Yes, I would think this would be particularly vital for someone who is selling their own intellectual property, like a book.

    I hadn’t discovered your blog until today. As an author, I am going right back to soak up some more of your advice.

    If you don’t mind, I might pick your brain a bit for Age of Conversation, our book benefiting Variety, the Childrens Charity.


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