It doesn’t have to be fancy…or star Tom Cruise

Video is a powerful medium.  It's a storytelling medium.  We've seen that with the explosion of YouTube

There's been a lot of discussion about production quality.  Now do not misunderstand.  I firmly believe there is a time and place when you need high end production and wouldn't allow a client to skimp.

But sometimes, you can capture the spirit and the story telling…and not spend a fortune.

Check our The Marketing Minute's friend Phil Gerbyshak tell us about a webinar series.  It makes you smile.  (Had me actually laugh out loud)  It gives us a hint of what the webinar series might be like. 

It's the first chapter in a story…

For more information about the webinar series, follow Phil's instructions and head to the website.

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6 comments on “It doesn’t have to be fancy…or star Tom Cruise

  1. Scott says:

    Great point. Seeing videos mlike this makes me realize this kind of marketing tactic is very do-able.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with your readers Drew. This little video is definitely doable, just find a fun friend you can work with and you can do it!

  3. Scott,

    I think most people are afraid of video because they think the only two options are a high end option or garbage.

    But there really is a happy medium. And video is a very emotionally-driven way to connect with your prospects. Hopefully with YouTube making it fashionable to use videos again, more people will give them a try.


  4. Phil,

    Glad to tell everyone about your webinar!


    “I completely agree with your views on using videos and how this can be useful for marketing new ideas. I have recently come across a new video business directory that is free. It is
    The site has just recently launched. I am among the first to join this directory. It seems to be fairly comprehensive for the everyday business owner. I am hoping it will be a good networking opportunity that will mesh connecting with other business people and growing my business. “

  6. It makes sense that business directories are going to go multi-media. Price used to be a barrier to entry but not any more.

    Thanks for sharing the link!


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