Logos 101


All too often, marketing messages get lost because they are packed like sardines with other marketing messages.  There is no place that is less forgiving of that than a logo.  A successful logo captures the essence of a company with one quick mark.  According to Paul Rand, here's what a good logo must do.

  • It should be timeless.  It should be flexible so as the company evolves, the meaning behind the logo can evolve too.
  • It should be a mark that can be interpreted by anyone, almost anywhere.
  • It should send a clear message.
  • It should work in all media, in all colors and black/white combinations.
  • Above all else, it should be simple, recognizable and relevant.

How does your company's logo stack up?   

If you're wondering who Paul Rand is, he's the man who designed some of the most recognized logos in our culture:  UPS, Westinghouse and IBM.

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