The next generation of social media specialists

Picture_1_2 …are already in training.  Sure, there’s MySpace and Facebook, but look out because here comes

This teen-driven site hosts contests that encourage the kids to:

  • Upload videos
  • Upload photos
  • Participate on their blog
  • Create relationships that support mutual votes and “fan” rankings

The traffic numbers are staggering.  Not only is this site attracting kids by the boatload, but it is also attracting advertisers.  Prizes for the contests come from companies like Petco (cutest pets), Apple, Westin, M&Ms, American Express, JVC, Dell and others.

It’s also being used to hype upcoming movies.  The Clique is a book series aimed at teen-aged girls.  Through SugarLoot, they are running a contest where the grand prize winners will get to audition for a role in the movie adaptation of the books.

One of the contestants has over 18,000 views of her audition.

We McLellans were late to the party, but in just a couple days, my daughter’s audition has over 100 views. And we hadn’t even e-mailed the grandparents yet!

My point?  If you think your business doesn’t need to pay attention to social media – think again.  Tomorrow’s customers are learning it today. You’d better do the same.

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3 comments on “The next generation of social media specialists

  1. So true, Drew! Even Disney has gotten into the act with their purchase of Club Penguin. Marketing and advertising will change so much over the course of the next decade with the explosion of social networking and the “second-nature” of it all to kids and teens. Let’s enjoy the ride!

    By the way, if you want to read my post about Disney and Club Penguin, it’s here:

  2. Lewis,

    Do you think today’s kids will have the face to face social skills our generation does? With all the texting, typing and uploading, I do wonder if they will engage with each other the same way.

    What do you think?


  3. Susan,

    It seems like everyone is getting into the fray. And it’s not just aimed at teenagers. Look at Disney’s Toon Town. Perfect for the elementary aged kids.

    It will be an interesting ride, won’t it?


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