Whatever you do, don’t brush their butt

Grocery You know how we say that marketing isn't rocket science?  Well, it isn't.  But sometimes it is about the science of understanding your consumer.  Paco Underhill, in his best selling book The Science of Shopping, identified a significant negative motivator for shoppers.

The butt brush.  Yes, the butt brush. 

According to research, a shopper, especially a woman shopper, is far less likely to buy something if her rear end is bumped or brushed, even lightly, by another customer, while they are both looking at a display. 

The net result of this research is that stores need to be very aware of creating wide and clear aisles.

If you aren't in a retail business, how does this apply to you? 

In every industry, there is the equivalent of the butt brush.  Some little, seemingly insignificant factor, that makes your customer decide to shop or buy elsewhere.   Something that just makes them a little uneasy.

Can you identify what it is for your business?  If not, spend some time watching the shopping and buying patterns of your clients. 

Look for clues. Or better yet, ask.  A slight shift in your selling environment, materials, pitch or product may result in a measurable jump in sales.

Do you have a personal "butt brush" story?  Something that turns you off as a consumer?

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