Who will your customers mimic?

Reading I flew to San Francisco yesterday on United.  (Only one mechanical delay, so they are improving.) 

One of my pet peeves is when the flight attendant is doing her safety spiel….no one listens.  They keep talking, reading or whatever, but they are not listening. 

Do I think most of us need to hear the speech again?  No.  I just think it's incredibly rude.  (props to Mom and Dad for the manners lesson).

So…I always make a show of putting away whatever I am reading and pay rapt attention.  I always hope I am setting an example and others around me will follow suit.

Well, the guy I was sitting next to on this flight did not.  He calmly kept reading his magazine, completely ignoring the flight attendant.

Oh, did I mention he was a United employee in full uniform?

If your employees don't get it and don't care about setting a good example, your customers never will.  What rule/expectation do you need to reinforce with your employees next week?

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