Are you deadline driven? Good.

Deadline People moan and groan about deadlines and the pressure that comes with them.  But, that’s exactly why we should love them.

Here are some of the benefits of deadlines.

We get things done:  If there’s no deadline, there’s no incentive to actually complete the task.   You can stay in testing mode forever.

We don’t over-think:  Over-thinking leads to the homogenizing of an idea.  The more time a group (especially) has to think about an idea, project or action – they more they can worry it to non-existence.  Sometimes, you just have to leap off the cliff.

People have to overcome their issues:  Teams inherently have conflict.  A deadline forces each teammate to determine which conflicts are actually worthy of addressing and which ones they just need to put aside to get the job done.

Things keep simmering:  When I know I have a deadline looming, even when I am not actively working on the project, it’s simmering on a back burner  Ideas bubble up to my consciousness and when I do sit down to get it done, I’m already halfway there.

What do you think?  Are deadlines good or bad?   How do they help or hurt your efforts?

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