Have you seen the branding periodic table?

So….I get an e-mail from Tanya, an intern at the Kolbrener agency in Pittsburgh.  She loves my blog and wanted to share something her employers created – the branding periodic table.

Note:  It’s cool, I am not knocking that at all.  Very inventive and visually appealing.  See….



But here’s my observation.  Tanya likes many marketing blogs.  (An update — I had a conversation with Brandon Fritz of Kolbrener and he assured me Tanya only e-mailed a handful of bloggers she really does like. She likes me!  She really likes me!) And like Pavlov’s dog — we all jumped up when she rang the bell. And then we each told ten friends, who told ten friends…

Have we contributed to the pollution of sameness in the blogosphere?  Do we as blog authors have a responsibility to try to differentiate our copy if we’re going to jump on someone’s bandwagon and all write about the same thing?  (Which some did)

Or is it a "no harm, no foul" deal.  Who cares if a bunch of blogs all point at the same thing in relatively the same way? 

What do you think?

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