Mother Nature = Art Director?

Fall Here in the Midwest the most  vivid colors of the turning trees are coming into their full glory as we enjoy fall’s crisp air.   

Mother Nature has a way of creating some amazing color palettes that we should study, consider and make our own as we create visual identities, ad campaigns or collateral material for clients.

Over at, you can explore all kinds of color combinations and trends. Check out their post on autumn colors, including more than 50 different fall color palettes to inspire you.

You can also submit your own color palettes for readers to critique and vote on.

Thanks to my friends at AOR for pointing me to the post.

3 comments on “Mother Nature = Art Director?

  1. Drew, you should check out the Even Mother Nature Loves Maroon and Gold poster series. It’s breathtaking.

    This one’s my favorite:

    But the rest are amazing too:

    Of course, the great photos are obviously proof that maroon and gold are the best team colors ever. 😉

  2. Katie,

    You are not going to get any argument from me on the Gold and Maroon combo!

    What a great poster series!


  3. Levitra says:

    Agree Drew! Thanks for the updates

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