Blogtipping — November ’07

Picture_5_1 I am joining with my fellow bloggers in celebrating some new blogs that I enjoyed this past month. 

As is the blogtipping tradition, (created by Easton Ellsworth) I'll offer a few reasons why I like the blog and one suggestion for improvement.

My self created theme for this month is relatively new Iowa Bloggers you should know.  There are way more than 3, so feel free to browse my Central Iowa list on my blog roll.

This month's nods go to….

Focal Point is Chris Punke's take on using viral video on the web.

Things I love:

  • Chris is shifting away from links only posting to sharing his own expertise.
  • As you might expect, Chris uses a lot of video to make his points.
  • Chris' style is very approachable and comfortable.


  • In your new style of posts — keep up the tradition of linking out.

Angela Maiers is a tightly woven blend of tips, stories and inspirational posts for educators.  Angela Maiers reaches out through her blog, her seminars and her consulting services.

Things I love:

  • The diversity of your posts.
  • How you share your own experiences and hard learned lessons.
  • Your natural, engaging style of writing.


  • How about expanding your resources to include others involved in the educational process, like parents?

Moment on Money is a financial planner's blog.  But Art Dinkin is no ordinary financial planner.  He speaks in plain English about things that matter to all of us, like identity theft and life insurance. 

Things I love:

  • Great financial information in language we can understand.
  • Lots of outbound links that allow us to explore the topic even more.
  • Every post, a practical tip or insight. What's not to love?


  • How about some quizzes or worksheets so we can do some self-analysis?

There you have it discerning readers…until next month's blogtipping adventure!

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