Free Audio Series: Extreme Leadership

Picture_7 I read a lot.  So for me to say someone is one of the best business authors I've ever read…means they have gone against some serious contenders.  And Steve Farber is without a doubt, one of the best.

His books Radical Leap and Radical Edge should be required reading for every business leader.  The work world would be a much better place.

Steve's making a very generous offer.  In celebration of being featured on MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and Public Television this weekend, he's giving away his audio series, Extreme Leadership: In Pursuit of the OS!M.

We're talking 3+ hours of leadership inspiration and wisdom.  Free.

I can't imagine this offer will go on forever…so get on it now.  Really. Now.

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2 comments on “Free Audio Series: Extreme Leadership

  1. Greg Verdino says:

    Thanks for the tip, Drew. I really enjoyed Steve’s books as well, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the audio series – for free no less!

    I like your new pic, btw.


  2. Greg,

    Steve’s books really capture what is possible in business today. I have no doubt his audio series will be just as engaging.

    Glad you like the new photo. Had a lot of hassles with contrast issues etc. with the old one. So I decided to go all out and not use the “take your own picture” button on my digital but instead to have someone else snap the shot!

    Nothing but the best for my readers! 🙂


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