Tell us why you’re coming to Blogger Social ’08!

There are lots of reasons to be at Bloggers Social.  What's yours?

Not sure if you want to come?  I'll let Gavin Heaton and that Aussie accent win you over. 

Come on over the the Blogger Social '08 Kaltura and add your own voice to the discussion. 

Blogger Social.  It's the place to be!

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5 comments on “Tell us why you’re coming to Blogger Social ’08!

  1. Julia Roy says:

    My reason for attending– Ill be moving to NYC in a month…so, why not!

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Julia Roy says:


    Nevermind, not paying that much to socialize with bloggers I can socialize with for free. 🙁

  3. Julia,

    Sorry you won’t be able to join us. As you know, NYC food and drink is not inexpensive.

    So $350 for three events, including the food and bar is actually quite a steal.

    Now, if we were having it here in DSM, we could get by for about $150 less! But, it’s much harder to get people to rush to Des Moines!


  4. Amanda says:

    Hey Drew,

    Someone posted a response to this kaltura. It can be seen through, but not on your blog – I think you should copy again the widget code, so whenever people add to the kaltura it will be updated on your blog as well!


  5. Thanks Amanda — I’ll check that out and get it added!


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