A bag full of ideas 12/29/07

Bagful From time to time, I’m going to share a mixed bag of ideas, marketing tips, brilliant writing and sometimes — something that just made me laugh out loud.  Here’s today’s offering:

This one had me thinking.: Here’s today’s offering: If you don’t already know about Christine Kane’s blog on creativity — you need to discover it. Quickly.

Christine brings back an idea she shared last year.  Rather than setting a resolution — why not choose ONE word to be the guiding principle of 2008?  Her post really triggers some soul searching.

This one had me signing "Happy Birthday" to all blogs!:    NPR is doing a series on blogging to commemorate the 10th anniversary of blogs.  They’ve got a great mix of audio interviews, articles and information.  Really fascinating stuff.  Hat tip to Susan Reynolds who shared this link with me via twitter.

This one has me saying "duh!": The New York Times declares that blogging is a low cost, high return marketing tool.  Duh.  This flash came to them based on a survey done by American Express.  The article goes on to say that blogging requires writing skills and a time commitment.  I’ll be damned.